Half whole spelt & emmer pizza dough

This super fluffy pizza has a thin bottom and a thick edge, and all this even 50% whole flours. A win win situation!

This recipe connects the traditional way of making a pizza dough, which requires the use of a very small amout of fresh yeast and a long proofing time, with the usage of spelt and emmer flours. On top of that I have made this pizza even healthier by using 50% of whole flours, without loosing fluffyness. And the taste ist even better!

Final proof in the fridge

You can do the final proof for up to 12 hours in the fridge in case this fits your timing better. Afterwards simply let the dough come to room temperature and continue with the standard recipe.

Enjoy your meal!

 Time schedule 1

 Day before

07:00h Prepare Biga

08-09:00h Place Biga in the fridge

19:00h Knead main dough

21:00h Place main dough in the fridge

 Baking day

09:00h Shape pizza balls & store in the fridge

17h Bake pizza

 Time schedule 2

 Day before

19:00h Prepare Biga

20-21:00h Place Biga in the fridge

 Baking day

07:00h Knead main dough

09:00h Place main dough in the fridge

15:00h Shape pizza balls & let proof at room temperature

17h Bake pizza

Half whole spelt & emmer pizza dough

This super fluffy pizza has a thin bottom and a thick edge, and all this even when using 50% whole flours. A win win situation!
Working time1 hr
Waiting time1 d
Total time1 d 1 hr
Ergibt: 1 rectangular pizza



  • 50 g white spelt flour
  • 25 g water 2,5
  • 2,5 g fresh yeast


  • Biga
  • 25 g sourdough discard (optional)
  • 80 g white spelt flour
  • 100 g whole spelt flour
  • 25 g whole emmer flour
  • 150 g water
  • 5 g honey
  • 6 g salt
  • 5 g olive oil



  • Knead al ingredients together to form a ball and place in a narrow glas (covered) at room temperature until it starts to grow (aprox. 1-2 hours).
  • Then place the biga the for a maximum of 12 hours in the fridge.

Main dough

  • Mix all ingredients except the oil and salt 10 minutes at slow speed.
  • Add the oil and salt and knead 2-3 minutes further until you can successfully do a window pane test.
  • Place the dough in an oiled proofing box.

Bulk fermentation

  • Let proof 1-2 hours at room temperature.
  • Then place in the fridge for up to 12 hours.

Final fermentation

  • Place the dough on a lightly floured surface. Shape to a ball (in case you want to do individual sized pizzas, divide in the portions you prefer) and place back in the oiled proofing box.
  • The final fermentation takes 2 hours at room temperature.


  • Place the pizza balls one by one on a surface floured with semolina and shape to a pizza. Try to press from the middle out, so that the bubbles are transported to the edge, while you make the pizza surface bigger.
  • Place on a baking paper, top as you wish and bake at a 28 degrees hot oven during 8 minutes without steam.

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